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Marina di Camerota borders with Palinuro and with the famous Cilentana tourist resort it shares the beach that reaches the edge of its inhabited area from the natural arch. This beach is wide and sandy, suitable for families, and the water is clear. Lovers of the rocky coast with its characteristic coves and beaches of Marina di Camerotarubate to the sea can quickly reach the beach of the natural arch in the territory of Capo Palinuro or point to the south of the Camerotese coast and go towards Punta degli Infreschi, one of the stretches more pristine than Italy, where nothing has been built.

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Overcast Clouds



Friday 7.43°C / 10.62°C Light rain
Saturday 5.37°C / 8.66°C SP_WEATHER_SKY_IS_CLEAR
Sunday 6.23°C / 9.83°C SP_WEATHER_SKY_IS_CLEAR
Monday 2.96°C / 8.24°C SP_WEATHER_SKY_IS_CLEAR
Tuesday 2.86°C / 7.26°C Broken Clouds
Wednesday 6.02°C / 10.57°C Overcast Clouds

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