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Paestum is ideal for those who want a holiday that combines leisure and culture. The long beach of Paestum (15 Km), washed by the sea of Cilento is a popular destination in the summer. A very large pine forest stands between the coastal road and the beach. In the coolest hours, it is really pleasant to have a meal and relax before returning to the beach. Dominated by the presence of the temples, the archaeological area of Paestum, was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1988 and is bordered by well-preserved walls and towers, of considerable interest and is visited with pleasure.

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Broken Clouds



Tuesday 21.99°C / 25.25°C SP_WEATHER_SKY_IS_CLEAR
Wednesday 23.09°C / 24.66°C SP_WEATHER_SKY_IS_CLEAR
Thursday 23.33°C / 25.19°C SP_WEATHER_SKY_IS_CLEAR
Friday 22.93°C / 24.87°C SP_WEATHER_SKY_IS_CLEAR
Saturday 22.81°C / 24.85°C SP_WEATHER_SKY_IS_CLEAR
Sunday 23.76°C / 25.16°C SP_WEATHER_SKY_IS_CLEAR

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